The cure for interoperability in healthcare.

Founda standardizes data and maintains integrations for vendors and care providers to exchange health data.

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Don't become an integration company.

With Founda you can focus on your core business. Our unique network model simplifies integrations and enables faster, more secure and reliable data sharing.

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Founda marketplace

A single source to access a wide range of integrations into healthcare applications and systems of care providers. Including the building blocks to visualize your data and create new business processes.

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Founda puts you in control.

Founda stands for open data, open creation and no vendor lock-in. This means data should be shared and universal.
Large systems should be broken up in functional pieces.

We reduce your IT costs and reduce your vendor lock-in. This allows you to build innovative solutions without being dependent on your existing software vendors.

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We understand the load, complexity and compliance that the healthcare industry requires.

  • Founda enforces best practices from creation to deployment
  • Architecture built for scale and reliability
  • Compliance and regulations at the core of the platform

Founda is built with fast and proven technology, giving you access to modern solutions

  • Few to no software developers required and zero maintenance costs
  • Founda’s streaming architecture results in very low infrastructure costs
  • Pay as you scale your application, monthly fees are based on a sliding scale
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